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Why SaaS?

In the past, if you needed software to act as the infrastructure for your business, you were required to build and maintain it yourself, or outsource to a costly developer. With SaaS (Software as a Service), you now have another option. Now, you can simply subscribe to an existing SaaS product, plug in your various business details, and get to work. No installation, no maintenance, no hosting. There is a big reason why SaaS applications are becoming so prevalent: most are available any computer or mobile device. Most people are familiar with web browsing to find information, whether it be on their desktop or their mobile device, and SaaS apps fit right into that mold.

Most SaaS applications are also subscription based, which means you can “pay as you go”, and you don’t have to commit to a large initial investment to get started. And with SaaS, you don’t have separate fees for server costs, updates, hosting, etc, as it’s all handled by the SaaS developer. Because the developer manages all of this, it also means that you (the customer) don’t have to worry about downloading and installing patches and updates. And there’s no need to worry about having to upgrade your server or hosting requirements as you grow, as the developer will handle this automatically based on your need and usage.

SaaS applications are steadily gaining popularity in Enterprise markets because they greatly simplify the development and deployment process, and help reduce overall costs associated with new projects. With SaaS, you can support and interact with many clients with one piece of software, in one digital location. No need to install the application on multiple servers, setup new hosts each time. Simply create the new customer as a user within the existing installation, and you’re already on your way.

Some might worry about the risks of having important client data stored somewhere outside of your internal company servers, but the truth is that most SaaS providers are operating at the highest possible level when it comes to server security and safety. Many have elite-standard policies when it comes to data backup and storage, and bank-level encryption is quickly becoming the norm. And because many SaaS solutions are hosted in large data centers, the benefits of those data centers (such as backup plans in case of emergencies and natural disasters) are yours as well. So you can focus more on taking care of your client, instead of needing to worry about server and hosting.